• @jowi

    I downgraded, testing a build without gui is a little challenging^^

  • Waiting for new build or what is the next step?

  • We will analyze your traces and dumps. This problem doesn't reproduce in Lab, so it's good that you have revealed it.

  • Seems to be a problem with perfts.dll,

    Windbg suggest this as bug title: Data from Faulting Address controls Branch Selection starting at perfts!CollectTSObjectData+0x000000000000016c

  • Hi,

    Confirmed. Same here, just installed crashed.


  • I got the same behaviour. gui starts to crash a few seconds after it started.

    Will upload traces and dumps too.

  • I'm packing dumps and traces: 3,3GB collected just installed and after the 1st reboot... be a bit patient because it will take a bit time to upload :)

  • @harlan4096 ok, we are waiting for traces. We'll need more info to find dependencies. Here in Lab we tested this build and had no problem with crashes. 

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    This is the most UNSTABLE build until now in my system, just installed CRASHED, and automatically came to run and again crashed, and several cycle crashes until the GUI shield icon stopped appearing in the task bar, only 1 avp.exe remained running... lots of dumps...

    I've rebooted the system and still the same behavior, will send all the traces and dumps, this build can't remain running on my system more than 30 seconds and automatically crashes again and again, I even have no time select any setting in the GUI because it crashes again... frownyellundecided

  • @virus_900, no. It's not big problem and it cannot block testing. KSDE will start normally after OS restart. 

  • It's not easier for you to recall an build KSDE?

  • Please note, that KSDE doesn't start automatically  after installation. Our developers try to fix it now. 



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