• Good news for everyone!

    A new version of the beta build is available for download and testing.

    You can download the version from the links below

     Can be activated only through Internet. Beta-license is valid for 90 days.

     Before installation of the new build, please uninstall the previous build (sometimes kavremover may be needed) and reboot the system

    Advices for novice testers

    • Do not proceed with testing without reading the instructions;
    • All found bugs should be posted in the related topics so it would be wise to read their headers at first. Bug reports should contain all useful info (it will be clear after reading the instruction from p.1);
    • The most convenient way to upload big files (traces or dumps): in .zip archive on OwnCloud.;
    • Traces as well as app and driver verifiers are enable in this build.
    • This area of forum is not connected to Tech Support (Bugs of Beta-products are collected here)

    Additional Information

     Please don't post on the beta forum if you are not participating in the beta testing.

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    Cant disable selfdefence when this message appears, the ones like dump writing with kldw has failed, please try to create a dump using taskmanager or processexplorer of the process with the id...

    Edit: I think Kapsersky gets suspended as long the message is shown so that in case you write a dump the information staiys the same.

  • What happened when you disable the self-defence?

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    I got a general question:

    What do i do when Kaspersky prompts me to write a manual dumps via Taskmanager process explorer... because the dump creation failed!?

    I know there is the kavlog tool, but not for the beta version.

    And my general problem is that selfdefence blocks any attempt to manual create a dump when the kldw.exe process failed to do so.

    For example today i had a "crash" where i was asked to create a dump but wasnt able, so i wasnt able to record any information about the problem because traces sadly where turned off at this moment.

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    Yes but probably a new RC is coming soon :)

  • is this last RC version?

  • This build is very unstable... it generates dumps almost in every "breath".... starting, updating, scanning :)

  • @dmitriy-pisarets

    In the past all the builds with numeration 20.0.1.x were MR1 -> 20.0.2.x MR2 and so on :)

  • @dewolf

    That‘s pretty interesting......surprised

  • @harlan4096, hello! 

    No, it;s not.=)) we already have 20.0.2.* builds. Developers just decided to separate features in different branches in our VCS. 

  • @dewolf

    Still the same.cry

  • @xzz123 said in KAV\\KIS\\KTS\\KFA\\KS\\KSOS: 20\.0\.1\.780 RC:

    Mircrosoft Protected Process Light(PPL) is not ebabled and there is no option to enable it manually,

    Run procexp as administrator.

  • They have changed the numeration with this build 20.0.0.x -> 20.0.1.x, so this is MR1 :)

  • Mircrosoft Protected Process Light(PPL) is not ebabled and there is no option to enable it manually,

    is that by design?

    I can now use processexplorer to view Dlls in avp.exe, this should not happen if PPL is ebabled. And processexplorer also do not show ppl status for avp.exe process.

    see picture below

  • Finally I managed to install the new RC780! and after reboot got a crash dump of previous launch failed... :D

  • I had serious troubles to uninstall previous KTS2020RC 713, it stuck and it didn't progress, so I had to cancel and here started the problems... so I had to RUN A MANUAL DELETE OF ANY LÑEFTOVER OF KASPERSKY IN MY SYSTEM (registry and files/folders)... but every time I start the new installer KTS2020RC 870 it stops saying there is a previous installing sealed

  • There We go again! :D

  • surprisecool


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