#81 Not-A-Virus_Should_Be_Alert_and_auto_processed_by_OAS

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    Reproduction steps:

    1 use avp 2019 default settings: Perform actions auto and delete adwares.

    2 visit an Adware

    Actual result:

    Avp do not alert me the detection and do not process the Adware, as the result the user is suffering from unwanted Ads and banners.

    Expected Result:

    Avp pop up balloon to notify user that an adware was detected. User will take actions before he really use the bad program.

    Traces and a screen record video are provided. https://cloud.qainfo.ru/s/4pPIaZcasuItOxH

    Please, change your unwise method.

    It is default settings that malicious tools and adwares are deteled!!!!!!!!!!!

    Why somehow in latest patch for 2018 and build 2019, avp totally ignore Adwares???????

    I consider a big prograss in 2019 that there is  default settings to detect and fight adwares, but now such settings become useless. Without consulting your users' opinion, and without letting your users knowing it, such changes are made. 

    Also contact tech tech support to express my complain about this matter.



    System Settings

    Operating system: Win 10, x64

    System: whatever

    Product: KIS

    Product Version: 2019 MR0

    Language: en-US

    Product Logs: https://cloud.qainfo.ru/s/4pPIaZcasuItOxH

  • In the product requirements (in the table with balloons and associated SR) is not described. Adware and Riskware with the importance of "low" - there should not be a balloon. Therefore - by designed. Proposals for implementation, and the corresponding new requirements, are no higher than 3rd priority.
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  • Hello

    Please Let me to clearly state my expectations agian about this issue.

    That is:

    Whether a detected object is automaticly processed or not, Kaspersky must ALWAYS pop up alert balloon to notify user.  Now I know only Not A Virus & Adware are deleted, other kind of Not A Virus detected but there is no message pop up to notify user about the event.

    Also, Once I click the alert message ' There are unprocessed objects', Kapserksy's notification center is opened and I am able to deal with those Not A Virus.

  • oh~I forgot

    The password of the sample is infected

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    I managed restored all avp settings and reConfiguration.

    Rught now those are my findings:

    I have 10 Not A Virus type of malwares, part of them are automaticly processed and being deleted, those samples has the very similarity of having exact detection mask as Not A VirusAdware.

    Other samples however, with masks only Not A Virus, are not processed, and even, as I already indicated in the previous post, There is NO alert balloon pop up.

    Here are smaples and detection logs: https://cloud.qainfo.ru/s/i2cH1rW1jBZtpSU

    What I expected:

    All detetcions with mask Not A Virus, should be notified to user. Avp should alert and prompt actions about the event, regardless whether the objects are auto processed(deleted) or not.

    If possible, sicne the Delete malicious tools,Adwares,......being default checked, I believe all Not A Virus should be auto processed.

  • Attach a file to which there is no detect.
  • @wesly-zhang

    That's it!

    The worst situation is that users should be notified anyway! There should be balloon pop up.

    For so long time, kaspersky is blamed for not tough enough fighting Potentially unwanted/Dangerous programs.

    If avp ignore Not A Virus type, than what is the purpose of Delete malicious tools,Adwares,......being default checked?????

    If I manual choose OAS settings as Actions on threat detection:disinfect, if not possible-delete, Avp will have another reason to automaticly process the object.

  • Yes, At least, AVP needs to prompt the user to detect pup programs, whether they are automatically processed or not.

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