#725 ddosed gui by starting hundreds of scans

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    Windows 10 64-bit, Version 1809

    KIS de app + drv verifier disabled

    Reproduction steps:

    I started a little over 500 scans, while i was starting more the dump/s was created.

    Actual result:

    KIS was taking up to much ressources, so i had to close and restart it.

    I started the scans over the little window that opens when you check the KSN reputation. There i was able to start  hundreds of scans of the same file, due to that KIS awaited my decision on what to do(it was test malware).

    During that i was also able to kill of avpui.exe a couple times,Taskmanager asked me if i wanted to close the process since it wasnt reacting, because it got overloaded and started freezing.

    Suggestion: Limit the amount of possible scans at the same time.

    System Settings

    Operating system: Win 10, x64

    System: Intel Core i7 4770 @ 3.4GHZ, 12,0GB RAM, NVIDIA Geforce GTX 1060 6GB, Harddisk 1TB

    Product: KIS

    Product Version:

    Language: de-DE

    Product Logs: https://cloud.qainfo.ru/s/kieBjbwcxikMwvi

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