KIS2019 Patch C and OpenVPN TAP Driver Version

  • The old bug seems to be back with this patch. I'm TorGuard VPN, and with the .21 driver, I get disconnected every 5 minutes or so; however, .9 works just fine. This problem is exactly as before and resurfaced in this patch. Before this patch, I didn't have this problem in KIS2019.

    I've added the VPN client as a trusted application with the option not to scan its traffic and even tried reinstalling both Kaspersky and VPN client.

    I'd appreciate any feedback.

    On Windows 10 x64.

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  • @new-kis-user-2012

    I didn't have this problem with patch A or B. Patch C seems buggy on Windows 10.

  • @taurean I am using OpenVPN Client from here, it includes TAP Driver Version I also use KIS 2019 and disconnection issues VPN I myself have fortunately not see. Windows 7 x64.

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