#63 I want traditional kaspersky notification balloon back in windows10

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    Reproduction steps:

    When you trigger a kaspersky notification, a balloon will pop up

    Actual result:

    Windows10 notification center will do the work and push the message

    Expected Result:

    Traditional kaspersky balloon pop up

    Well, this is the first topic in the section. You can consider it a functional test.

    Any instruction is appreciated.

    OS: windows 10


    Why I prefer old style?

    Because all uwp app and OS app will pop message using windows10's notification center. 

    It is a common situation that I miss some certain messages in windows notification center. Because it is really always a traffic jam inside. Take me as an example, I rarely use uwp app, so I hardly concern what's inside the notification.

    The pop up mechanism is always One By One. If kaspersky have more than one message to pop up, the notification center will only show one message than another after a pause, whatever actions you want to take with those messages, you need to wait a long time till they all show up. Also not all messages for one app can dispaly in windows notification center at the same time, soemtimes if you have more than five messages from avp, you need some more steps to delete existing messages so that others can be displayed. What a terrible experience!

    What's more? 

    It is will be easy to miss some important messages if a message looks different from the others quitely lying in a crowd of meaasges. For example, by any means avp detect lots of threats but one of them can not be processed before a user's confirm or can only be removed after a reboot. In this situation, you are likely to miss the most important meaasge. Because all messages looks so similar to each other.

    You will not face such defects above if there's an option to swich back to traditional notification balloon.

    Kapersky can keep two mechanism and let users choose one they prefer to use.

    Since the old style is still in use in latest KES11, I believe there's no tech difficulties to do so.


    System Settings

    Operating system: Win 10, x64

    System: whatever

    Product: KIS

    Product Version: 20.0.0.+

    Language: en-US

  • xzz123 

    Hello, I am of the same opinion as you. I reported this "problem" more than once, unfortunately. Many people want feedback from the old kaspersky notification

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