• Yes, I confirm it here also!

  • Fixed problem with tests servers KL.

  • This with tests servers KL it problem. 

  • Today the red status became green again and no more corruption message, but still the warnings "Failed" and "not all components were..." during updating...

  • Yeah, also the product says System Watcher is not enabled, when actually it is... so I guess the corruption comes from there..

  • @harlan4096

    Same here, and update still states it failed, since yesterday i think, but if i hover with the mouse over the KIS symbol in the taskbar, it shows the latest databases.

  • Today getting "Some protection components are corrupted. We recommend that You reinstall the application", Product Status in Red.

  • Today I can't update, always getting Failed::

    30.10.2018 18.23.01;Update of databases and application modules;Not all components were updated.;15.48 KB/s;Not all components were updated.;21.85 KB;12 seconds;10/30/2018 18:23:01

  • may be someone fixed it on server side,tongue-out

    I will surely try again.

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    unbelievable, I installed KTS20.0.0.607en-us success without secureboot,

    When I try to get trial, it tells me Invalid Activation code


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