#5703 Update for 21.16 "Bug with Howard Email" 6396955

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    Reproduction steps: If Kaspersky is stopped and restarted, by clicking on the Howard Email icon in the systray,, the web page takes more than 1 minute to open, The bug had been reference 6396955 with previous versions

    And no problem with 21.16 until the database update today, the bug reappeared (tested without updating and ok)

    Actual result: The bug reappeared, the web page takes 1 minute to open

    Expected Result: The web page should open immediately with Kaspersky re launched. 

    if the developers could fix this bug once and for all


    System Settings

    Operating system: Win 11, x64

    System: 10980X, Asus R6EE, RAM 32Go, SSD 1000Go

    Product: STANDARD

    Product Version:

    Language: fr-FR

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    Just to update this bug, which is really starting to be annoying since it's been open for 1 year

    Although I informed support of the causes of this bug (Application Update Program option, therefore easily reproduced)


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