New application is available for beta testing - Kaspersky Rescue Disk

  • Hello! 

    We invite you to participate in new beta testing of Kaspersky Rescue Disk!

    All details about it and place for your reports can be found here

    Looking forward your reports!  And thank you in advance! 

  • Why was the feature of changing the geographical location not added to the VPN?

  • I just tried this beta 2024 in an old system with W10, but without Secure Boot, the boot went well, but I could not update databases, I clicked many times over the warning database are obsolete, without any success, don't know if by design?

    Still have to check it in a newer system with W11 + SecureBoot (Minisforum MiniPC with AMD 7940HS CPU).

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    Hmmmm...Not very friendly with UEFI Secure Boot and my surface pro.I have to disable the secure boot but I can't use my keyboard in USB boots.Luckily there is a virtual keyboard in linux:)

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