• @harlan4096

    I suggest he try to disable secure boot function in BIOS/Uefi firmware.


  • @xzz123 said in KAV\\KIS\\KTS\\KFA\\KS\\KSOS: 20\.0\.0\.554:

    try to disable secure boot function in BIOS/Uefi firmware.

    Thanks! will suggest him!

  • Hi, I would like to know too if Wiindows 10 Version 1809 is officialy supported or should we wait?

  • So since noone answered i tried it out, updated to 1809 and know KIS wont stop crashing and producing dumps so i would guess KIS is not compatible yet.

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    I still didn't try to update to RS5 in the KTS2020 system, since I did in 2 VMS (KFA2019 & KES11)and having many issues: Windows Update after installing stopped working (already applied ALL THE FIXED FOUND IN GOOGLE: DISM, SFC, reparation scripts...), also now I can't see Windows notifications in the W10 vertical notification area on the right nor floating/popup ones in right bottom, in another VM just finished the upgrade I got user profile failing and it deleted/reset all my customized profile settings...

    Talking about KTS2020, Idon't know why, but since yesterday evening my KTS2020 B554 (IN MY REAL SYSTEM + W1'0 + RS4) became QUITE UNSTABLE, and now it is constantly GUI CRASHING AND GENERATING DUMPS...  and avp services finally stops running...

    Any ideas?

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    I traced most of the problems to the Intrusion Detect System(IDS/Networkattackblocker) turning that off helped alot, another thing was i turned off Application verifier for now, those both where the main source/cause of the crashes/dumps on my end.

    I usualy analyze the dumps, that gives at least a hint in the direction where the problems are coming from, since i dont know the details on how all the components work.

    And thanks for your answer.

  • Deleting App. Drv. & Verif. registry keys (and reboot) is the 1 step I always do with any new beta install...

    Thanks for Your tips!

  • @Ilya.Zadonsky:

    Some new info about 554 and Win10 1809?

  • @jowi

    Hi, should work.

  • little bored this build,

    hope we can get a new one soon~~tongue-outtongue-out


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