#5440 Bug with Howard Email

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    Reproduction steps: If Kaspersky is stopped and restarted, by clicking on the Howard Email icon in the systray,, the web page takes more than 1 minute to open, The bug had been reference 6396955 with previous versions and had been resolved with an update of the 21.14

    Actual result: The bug reappeared, the web page takes 1 minute to open

    Expected Result: The web page should open immediately with Kaspersky re launched

    Howard - Outlook.com / GMail / Yahoo / mail.ru / orange.fr / Lotus Notes Email Notifier - the sz development (the-sz.com)

    System Settings

    Operating system: Win 11, x64

    System: 10980X, Asus R6EE, RAM 32Go, SSD 1000Go

    Product: STANDARD

    Product Version:

    Language: fr-FR

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    @jarvis @dmitriy-pisarets


    Could you do what is necessary or "report" the cause of the bug to the appropriate department?

    Customer service tells me that this bug is still under investigation (for 10 months now)

    I informed them of the cause of the bug (easily reproducible) which I found in 48 hours and they responded to me with an email automatically I think, that it is still the subject of an investigation

    Thanks in advance

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    Hello @jarvis

    After some tests, I found where the bug in 21.15 comes from

    If the "Application updates schedule setting" option (in "Performance settings") is disabled, the bug appears, if the option is enabled, it's OK

    If your developers can do what is necessary

    Thanks in advance

    EDIT : and for info, I tested the build and the problem is not present by disabling this option

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    Ok, I thought the developers had fixed the problem but support forgot to notify me ('ticket' opened at the start of the year)

    I confirm that the problem was resolved with an update (of the components I suppose) with 21.14

    I went back with 21.14 while waiting


  • Hello! Bug 6396955 is still open, so there is no need to open another one - it will be closed as duplicate. Although, as you say, problem disappeared in 21.14, the fix wasn't made or included in any version. I've added new info to 6396955.

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