#533 Can not automaticly block TecentQQ access to camera, even if I set avp block all program access camera.

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    Reproduction steps:

    Check the option ' block access to webcam for all apps'

    start windows UWP app ' camera', try take a picture

    start tencent QQ, show camera preview in its sitting

    in the Green notification box, choose block this app access to camera

    Actual result:

    UWP camera app report that it do not have access to camera

    but QQ success show camera image

    after manual block access to camera, QQ can not show camera preview anymore

    Expected Result:

    QQ can not show camera preview.

    I have upload traces and reproduce video.


    Windows10 17134.285 x64


    Similar problem to support case INC000008572247 and possible it is Bug 2484338:[SUPPORT] Webcam protection doesn't work on integrated webcam.

    System Settings

    Operating system: Win 10, x64

    System: whatever

    Product: KTS

    Product Version: 2019 MR0

    Language: en-US

    Product Logs: https://cloud.qainfo.ru/s/gEhDffeO3wyqPt6

  • thank you for fast answer

  • I reboot soemtimes

    result is the same.

    cannot figure out waht made my last installation malfunction.......

  • update to patch C again

    It is miracle that I cannot reproduce again.

    webcam protection work fine on uwp camera app and QQ.

    I do not know why, but the problem is no more reproduced.......

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  • @stepan-korchagin

    I did a quick test

    OS windows10 RS4 17134.286 x64

    all test are performed in above OS.

    KIS19.0.0.1088 (a) en-us

    uwp camera program: fail to block access to camera using any means.( No green window in screen, also No use if check 'block all app use camera')

    QQ: block and show green window both work fine. no problem


    uwp camera program: same above, fail to block. fail to capture the activaty using camera.

    QQ: block and show green window both work fine. no problem.

  • @stepan-korchagin

    May take quite a long time.

    I believe I should have given you the report next day...

  • @xzz123can it be result of QQ update? Can you check it for patch B or A now?

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    No, can not reproduce in 2020

    but in previews patch for 2018, there is no problem. Also no problem in 2019 patch A.

    One day, I remember, after update of patch B for 2019, webcam protection became useless for all program, not just QQ. 

    After patchC fix the issue( this was mentioned in release note of patchC), only blocking QQ use camera become a problem.

    Webcam protection useless for QQ is not a new bug, I reprot such problem to support approximately a year ago.

  • Is that issue also actual for 2020?

    Looks like it is not patch issue, because it also present for 2018

  • It is highly likely that patch K for 2018 product also share the same problem.

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