Please help with testing the compatibility of KES EDR with antivirus solutions from other vendors.

  • Hello! 

    We have added to KES installer the ability to select a separate version with EDR without base modules. This option provides compatibility with antiviruses from other companies. Please help us check the compatibility of KES EDR with other antivirus solutions from other vendors as part of the beta test. 


    1. KES must be installed with the "Endpoint Detection and Response Agent" option selected on third step (screenshot)
    2. Testing scenarios:             
      • installing third-party antivirus first, then KES EDR;             
      • installing KES EDR first, then third-party antivirus;
      • uninstall KES EDR after each of first and second scenarios;             
      • checking for updates to KES EDR databases;             
      • make sure that a third-party antivirus does not detect KES EDR (as well as its files) as malware;             
      • checking the search and treatment of Eicar on the side of a third-party antivirus;
    3. You need to check compatibility with third-party antiviruses from the list below:


    Mcafee Total Protection

    Dr Web

    Dr.Web Security Space


    ESET NOD32 Internet Security

    ESET NOD32 Антивирус


    Symantec Endpoint Protection


    Bitdefender Total Security

    Bitdefender Internet Security

    Bitdefender Free Edition


    Antivirus+ Security

    Maximum Security

    Internet Security

    Trend Micro Free Trial Antivirus

  • Then I'll start with Eset, because I think it could cause the most problems


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