MR14 release has been singed!

  • Hello! 

    Thank you for your participation in MR14 beta testing! Now release had been signed and testing is over.

    New MR builds will be available soon!

  • @harlan4096 thanks for info. Seems works, issue was with addon in browser. 

  • Working here with FireFox.

  • Can someone check safe money if works? In mine case not working.

  • cool, version 14 has been officially released.

  • That was quick - commercial (final release) available for download and also for all regions on same time (czech region also). Good step ahead release new version for all regions in same time.

  • WOW I can only say. and congratulations

  • Nice to hear. Congrats to all.

  • Congrats!

  • Great News! Congrats! 👏

  • Congrats to all testers :) We will waiting for commercial public release.


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