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    A new beta build is available.

    You can download the distribution kit by the link:

    Kaspersky — Download

    VPN  — Download

    KSOS — Download


    To test the application, activate the license embedded in the distribution kit.

    You should only use the beta build with this license provided for testing.

    If you use your existing commercial license to activate the beta version of the application, the term of the license spent on the beta-testing will not be compensated. 


    Known issues: 

     - Large files and duplicate files scans' process freezes at 100% in GUI, scan completes correctly, issue is only in GUI data

    Useful info:

    • DRV  verifiers are turn off by default now. App - are ON! 
    • Kaspersky is presented in three tiers: Basic, Standard, Plus
    • To activate the trial beta key on the screen with a proposal to enter My Kaspersky, click "Skip"
  • Can only be done as a nei installation, but updating is not possible

  • Installed without problem.

  • No problems here for the moment.

  • I'm having an issue with main GUI -> Security -> Anti-Virus Database Update: sometimes the button gets greyed (can't click) and a text appears -> Installing patch...  🤔🤷‍♂️

    Now working fine, but from time to time I get that issue... next time I get will collect traces.

  • I performed a clean install, since I had to uninstall the previous beta build... the installation went fine.

  • Install over old build shout be fixed. But it's still not main scenario: usually one MR has only one build, so there is no another build to install over old one. Installing new MR over old one is different scenario with some special mechanics. 

    But we had added this "minor update" scenario to our beta check list, to prevent such issues like in 327 build.   


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