• Hello! 

    A new beta build is available.

    You can download the distribution kit by the link:

    Kaspersky — Download

    VPN  — Download

    KSOS — Download


    To test the application, activate the license embedded in the distribution kit.

    You should only use the beta build with this license provided for testing.

    If you use your existing commercial license to activate the beta version of the application, the term of the license spent on the beta-testing will not be compensated. 


    Useful info:

    • DRV  verifiers are turn off by default now. App - are ON! 
    • Kaspersky is presented in three tiers: Basic, Standard, Plus
    • To activate the trial beta key on the screen with a proposal to enter My Kaspersky, click "Skip"
  • @nexon said in Kaspersky\\VPN\\KSOS 21\.14\.2\.259:

    But in MR13 i saw for a while that is again available but cant see now.

    Hello! Sorry, but I cannot help you in that question. I don't know last HQ decisions about moving or  turning on\off this feature, and beta forum is not a place to discuss such things. The main thing (how it was told to me) is: it should work only in KSOS now.  

  • @pal365 said in Kaspersky\\VPN\\KSOS 21\.14\.2\.259:

    but it's good to change the timeline;

    hello! please give more details in new bug report or tell me in private messages

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    There were a lot of messages which begins with [TBD], but it's good to change the timeline;


  • @dmitriy-pisarets Hello, I want ask something. In MR13 commercial after installation was Parental control after while i cant find is not there - Main windows --> Security. In online help are guide how to enable but in MR13 dosnt showing this feature. Tech support says that was replaced with Safe Kids that is true when i had installed KTS. But in MR13 i saw for a while that is again available but cant see now. Also in MR14 is there parental control (i can enable and disable).

  • Update over the previous build went ok. Also getting "TBD" texts in main GUI and also in Notification Center -> Recommendations section, probably still not translated texts.

  • @dmitriy-pisarets installed over previous version ok. In program showing few TBD...Also in commercial release MR13 (czech version) guide Security  >  Protecting email  >  Blocking unwanted email (spam)Blocking unwanted email (spam) is ANTI- Banner (so probably in MR14 czech version will be also same). In english guide is okay.screenshot of MR13 (reported to Tech Support)


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