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    I have a multiuser KIS license updated to Kaspersky Standard

    In this new version Kaspersky Standard is providing some interesting additional features. However, imho these features lack some transparency as to what these actions suggested will cause once the user confirms. Users / Administrators are unable to decide whether this is necessary and what impact it will have. Users/Administrators can neither select what and if it should be applied nor can they select specific item to be ignored/decline or aproved.

    For example:

    1. Performance; PC optimizing; Speed up your PC. Remove system files. Shows the files that could be removed to speed up the system performance.  User can select what and if he wants to clean-up files and directories: Like system files, temp folder and system restore points. However it does not give you the choice to selectively remove any specific item. Like selecting one system restore point. It is all or nothing. Providing a list of available system restore points with tick boxes to selectively remove a specific version would be helpful.
    2. Performance: PC optimizing; Fix Windows registry problems The tool is listing a number of identified registry issues. However user can neither select what item to clean-up or keep nor can he start a backup of the individual registry setting before removal. This could be handled like the restoration of a mistakenly quarantined file that needs to be restored
    3. Security; Emergency Restore option Pressing Download I am connected to the Kaspersky Rescue Disk URL. Here I am being offered to either download the tool – which is fine - or, "In order to avoid a future infection install Kaspersky Internet Security" (?!). Kaspersky suggests to downgrade from the new Standard to the old KIS version to improve my protection? Please review the link and the text pointing to KIS.

    I can’t yet test all the other new options like SW update or others functions as though active the tool has not found anything to fix…

    To be continued

    System Settings

    Operating system: Win 10, x64

    System: I7, ASRock Z170, 24GB, RAID

    Product: STANDARD

    Product Version: 16.0.0.+

    Language: de-DE

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