#5030 Certificate problem while login into Outlook

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    Reproduction steps: Open outlook 2019, or 2021 and login (e-mail and password) after inserting password and hit enter i see error with certificate. Tested in Outlook 2019 and 2021 latest build both. Screenshot 2

    Actual result: I can login but i must click on Continue. If i click Disconnect then i can not able to connect.

    Expected Result: Success login without problems and without any pop up window.*Traces will be added if needed.

    System Settings

    Operating system: Win 11, x64

    System: i7 8700K, Z370, 16GB RAM, SSD

    Product: PLUS

    Product Version:

    Language: en-US

  • @dmitriy-pisarets I never gave an exception so I didn't think it could cause a problem.. But i will tweak it.

  • @nexon, I think, some exceptions can be set. For example, add virtualization app into trusted group, and in iapp's rules choose "do not check encrypted traffic"

  • @nexon said in Certificate problem while login into Outlook:

    When i pause AV on host pc

    This is the key. Such scenarios are abnormal, such "double" protection can cause that kind of issues. 

    So it's not a bug. 

  • @dmitriy-pisarets Tried reproduce it on RC version. When i pause AV on host pc (also kaspersky) then work (no issue with certificate). When i enable protection on host then problem.

  • @nexon said in Certificate problem while login into Outlook:

    Yes i use always Virtual PC

    Can you try reproduce it, while pausing AV on your host PC? BTW, is it Kaspersky too?

  • Hello! Traces added as requested also screenshot 1 and Screenshot 2 added. Lookslike the certificate (imap.gmail.com) does not have a valid digital signature. Yes i use always Virtual PC on test. No i didnt deleted any certificate from system.

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    Hello! please send traces and 2 more screens from 2 other tabs of certificate, shown on your screen.


    • do you use a Virtual PC?
    • is it possible that you had deleted our certificate from trusted root?

    (we cannot reproduce it in test lab)

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