#5001 Protected browser doesn't run

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    Reproduction steps: open internet banking on Brave (unsupported browser) doesn't run default browser Edge (in previous version works). If i open internet banking in Edge and default is Edge then everything works.

    Actual result: open bank (internet banking) website in Brave for example. Protected browser (Edge) doesn't run. Edge is default browser.

    Expected Result: protected browser should open website in default (protected) browser.

    System Settings

    Operating system: Win 11, x64

    System: i7 8700K, Z370, 16GB RAM, SSD

    Product: PLUS

    Product Version:

    Language: en-US

  • @dmitriy-pisarets Hello!

    1.  https://365.bank/ https://www.pss.sk/ https://www.wuestenrot.sk/ https://www.postovabanka.sk/
    2. Traces are here set level to 600. I choose 3 banks which working and protected browser was opened.
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    @nexon said in Protected browser doesn't run:

    Do you want links of these banks?


    Yes, please. 

    1) send us this web-sites links

    2) please collect and send traces when safe browser will be opened. We need max level traces, they should be marked like "low 600".

  • @dmitriy-pisarets Hello, i dont remember which build was before maybe MR8. Also 21.3 is final commercial release which i have installed on my REAL machine. This version works perfect. And i tested this scenario with protected browser in latest RC version RC and here protected browser works. Only there are maybe 4 websites of banks when protected browser does not run. Do you want links of these banks?

  • @nexon said in Protected browser doesn't run:

    (in previous version works).

    Hello! Colleagues asks can you name build which has no such issue? (as I can understand problem can be reproduced on  21.3)

  • Hello. Reproduced on newest build. Yes EDGE is default always. On video you will see : run brave, open banking website and nothing no protected browser. After this i open edge (which is default) open banking page and here protected browser works. Traces and video .

  • Hello! Seems like a bug, but traces are needed. Can you please reproduce it on new build to collect traces and record a video of reproduction? Also, please confirm, that we had understood you right - edge is your default browser in all scenarios?

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