#4976 The "apply same action" function in virus detection does not work

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    Reproduction steps:

    A full scan was performed with the KFA product. It was detected as Virus.Win32.Pioner.cz on the backup disk and because it is a spreading virus, it adds 140 kb of code to different software and files.At the end of the scan, it was waited for the process to be completed. When it was finished, the solve button was pressed and the malicious code was removed with the Clean button. I checked theI checked the "apply the same action to objects of this type" checkbox before hitting the cleanup bot.

    The red-marked checkmark in the attachment appears automatically as removed in subsequent notifications.

    Actual result:

    Even though I choose "Apply the same action", I receive notifications for the same pest type again.

    Expected Result:

    When Apply same action is selected, it should apply the selected action without showing notification for the same type of pests.


    System Settings

    Operating system: Win 10, x64

    System: İ3 4170, GA-B85M-HD3, DDR3 4 GB, 1 TB

    Product: BASIC

    Product Version:

    Language: en-US

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    Hello! My colleagues had spent a lot of time trying to reproduce it, but they failed everytime. And such bugs cannot be fixed without traces. Can you please, try to reproduce it and collect traces? So you've said you cannot download this files again, but you can try some ways around. 1) you can pause protection and download any EICAR file (they are threat-dummies for AV testing) from their official web-site. Copy it and rename copies, then Turn protection on and scan folder with this files. 2) If you have a Virtual PC (Vmware, Virtual box, etc) - you may stop protection and try download those files again. For both scenarios try to download files in folder somewhere in partition root. c:\test is example. Cause Antivirus is infinitely checking popular/important folders like Desktop or Download Please do not download real malware on your PC with protection OFF!

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