Help removing Autorun.inf

  • Hi, I'm having trouble deleting the Autorun.inf folder that contains a file called: lpt1.UsbFix

    I tried to use Kaspersky file shredder, but the system tells me that the files were not found.

  • Why don't you download the "Remover" directly from Kaspersky? Or can this be uninstalled with the antivirus software?Do not use so-called freeware removers, because you usually have more trouble afterwards than there was before. Use "msconfig" to check what is executed at system startup and deactivate the "viruses" first in safe mode, there is certainly a program executed that installs its "autorun.inf" every time a stick is plugged in. Also set that all files are visible also system files, then you may also see the file on the stick, in safe mode these programs are not executed, so when accessing the Stick cannot take action on autorun.inf. A good tool would also be "Highjackthis", so you can see what's rotten on your computer.If you don't know what to throw out of the autostart/system startup, post a picture of the autostart entries and the log of Highjackthis.

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