Hello everyone

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    Finally i managed to sign up to the forum, seems like my VPN just failed me... After a reboot of my VPN, things goes smoothly. Thanks again for your help today, and wish you a pleasant sleep!

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    Goodnight! I really appreciate your help today! See you soon!

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    It is time to say Good Night in Beijing time.


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    I see, that is also why I join the testing program. I also want to make things better with my efforts.

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    Try clear your cookies or use a VPN.

    OK~I know who you are. coolcool

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    But I failed to sign up for that forum, it said that "You did not pass the security check. Please try again.", but isn't that a simple math of 100+25? Shouldn't that be 125? Did I mistake the question?

  • @panxi

    Honestly I do not know

    I somehow do not care about that, I mean,

    If you really love kaspersky, just take your time to do the test and make it better product.

  • Beta test for 2019 is over.

    When test season for 2020 begin, you will surely get more info.

    Right now, except the link I give you above, you can view more topics in Here

    The old method we proceed testing may be helpful.

  • @xzz123

    Thank you very much! By the way, how can we get GOLD BT? I mean how much contribution should we made if we want to get one? (I just think it is really cool!laughing)

  • @panxi


    Beta versions can only be activated by special beta keys. Or can be activated by trial-in this way the product will get a beta key from the server.

    More about beta test, please see Here

  • @xzz123

    Greetings to you too! I have a small question here, can we use the activation code we purchase for the activation of BETA versions? If not, how can we activate the BETA product?

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    Nice to see you here.


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