• Installed this build over the last beta 21.7, quite stable build for now... don't see anything new for now, except some minor GUI changes.

  • Hello,

    i hope this is not a specific problem with the Windows 11 Insider Preview 25182.0000, on which I use Kaspersky Standard My problem was reported by another user in connection with Windows 11 and an older Kaspersky version, but there was no solution. I won't repeat this whole post again, but I'll link to the thread here.


    Does Kaspersky report a serious problem when it blocks this js file after every open and close of Microsoft Edge? Is it a problem, how can I disinfect it with Kaspersky?

  • yes it is, but I will pass on the mistakes

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    In this post you have linked is clearly visible that is not a mistake. and the trigger is the Snapstream Video Downloader extension.remove this extension in the Edge browser and your error should be fixed


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