• The fact is that it is being a few years that Kaspersky will not update its antivirus signatures that often.

    ten years ago, you will get Klava bases updated every two hours,(note that only klava folder contains antivirus signature)

    now you will only have signatures updated a few times a day. 6 hours for new signature is normal.

    rarely you will only get databases updated once a day>

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    thnaks to KSN and latest vis-hash technology and ML

    local signatures are much reduced and performance enhanced

    you do not need that often updated signatures to be well-protected.

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    Yes, that makes sense, but how can you be well protected. Or do I not understand this correctly?

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    Hello @dmitriy-pisarets, the setting is set to 1 time an hour, but the virus database is usually only updated after 6 hours. Shouldn't the updates be done every hour? I am now writing at 6:04 a.m. European time and the update testifies to the time 4:42 a.m. Shouldn't the virus signatures be updated every hour?.

    Greetings Giuseppe


    Please turn on traces and try to collect 3+ hours of app's work, than create a bug report here https://eap.kaspersky.com/category/622. I'll show them to colleagues  

  • Hall @dmitriy-pisarets, of course I like to do it, where do I set this setting?

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    Hall @dmitriy-pisarets, of course I like to do it, where do I set this setting?

    traces are recording by default in beta builds. you can check/switch on/off by clicking "support" button (headset icon) bottom left corner. In support window click last hypertext - support tools. 

    traces are located at C:\ProgramData\Kaspersky Lab\AVP21.8\Traces

  • @dmitriy-pisarets ok I do and look, should I upload them then? under the link you posted here

  • Installed this build over the last beta 21.7, quite stable build for now... don't see anything new for now, except some minor GUI changes.

  • Hello,

    i hope this is not a specific problem with the Windows 11 Insider Preview 25182.0000, on which I use Kaspersky Standard My problem was reported by another user in connection with Windows 11 and an older Kaspersky version, but there was no solution. I won't repeat this whole post again, but I'll link to the thread here.


    Does Kaspersky report a serious problem when it blocks this js file after every open and close of Microsoft Edge? Is it a problem, how can I disinfect it with Kaspersky?

  • yes it is, but I will pass on the mistakes

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    In this post you have linked is clearly visible that is not a mistake. and the trigger is the Snapstream Video Downloader extension.remove this extension in the Edge browser and your error should be fixed


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