Changing profile e-mail?

  • Hello,

    Is there a way to change profile e-mail? It's possible on the regular forums but I would also like to change to new e-mail here instead of creating a new account.

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    @kavuser10 Hi!

    It is really strange that there is no such possibility directly in the user's profile settings, but the team \ admins of the forum probably have such an opportunity. Try contacting one of these employees Ilya.Zadonsky here in private messages \chat (it's better to contact him, but he may not respond for a long time) and \or Dmitriy.Pisarets.

    However, it should be borne in mind that now (and for quite a long time already) there is a problem on the forum with sending various notifications to email (and which, in general, no one is in a hurry to fix something, to be honest) and which may also affect sending an email with a link to activate an account during registration and/ or changing email. However, I do not know for sure whether account reactivation is required here through such a link in the letter (including when changing email manually by an employee) as is usually the case on other forums, due to the fact that there is no such possibility directly in the user's profile settings, it is better for you to clarify this with the employees I have personally indicated. But if this is the case and if the problem on the forum also affects the sending of such emails (and the probability of this is still very high in my personal opinion), then there is a high probability that in case of failure and problems, you may temporarily, but indefinitely, lose access to this account altogether and may even not you will be able to create and/or activate a new account.

    If you write something else, I will help you in any way I can. If anything, please excuse me, I do not speak English and used an online translator.

    The problem with sending email on the forum definitely affects the sending of email notifications about new personal messages, which, accordingly, may further increase the response time.

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