When will the testing begin?

  • Will we get new toy this week? Like patch B for 2019~



  • @ilya-zadonsky said in [When will the testing begin?](/post/281): >

    I understand that beta testing is delayed, but we do not want to upload a raw version of the product.

    Will always be there wacthing 

    for an amazing new producttongue-out


  • I understand that beta testing is delayed, but we do not want to upload a raw version of the product.

  • Days without 2020,

    I am dying.cry

    Is there any leaked news about new version?wink

  • Since several weeks some K2019TR in English offline installers have been leaked to some forums, in fact I'm using them... probably because KL Support also delivered some installers to some users to fix some issues with previous versions (K2018, K2017,...)

  • hello,

    French support sent me the final version of KAV 2019


  • @xzz123

    Unfortunately, I do not have information.

  • @ilya-zadonsky

    Hello Ilya

    I don't know if it is a suitable question, but

    Do you know any way that I can become the targeted one for patch A?

    Right now, the patch is on the update server but I can not get it.

  • @xzz123

    Yes, Patch A is released for support RS4 build 17134.

  • @ilya-zadonsky

    Alright~I still remember we use RC to test patch A and B for 2018 last year--at this moment.tongue-outtongue-out

    Actually the reason why I ask is that I am now using RS4 build 17134. I doubt it is necessary to update patch A to get fully functional support .

    thanks for your time~~laughing


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    We can not announce the testing of patch A, because there are no available release versions of the product yet.

    You can update the RC with the AP, but I can not guarantee a stable job.

  • @ilya-zadonsky

    Hi ilya

    Will there will futher test for 2019‘s patch A?laughing

    Looks like it is already going to be release to public update server.

  • Yes is very Soon.

  • Maybe the answer is Very Soon.

    But personally, I wish it would be better if product managers and developers could take enough time to consider about the future of their products.

    To be honest, it would be so nice and more usability if avp product line could use Norton Security as a reference. Less product versions to maintain, more stability the latest product will be.

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