#4347 Missing section in online help

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    Reproduction steps: In newer versions of online help is missing section - About Kaspersky which is described basic / short info about protection components like File Antivirus, Mail Antivirus, System Watcher and all those features. This is clearly showed in version 19 (see screenshot). I would wish that add this short info describtion about components in each online help with version 22, 23, 24...etc. It is only one page. Also this is helpful for beginners who starting use kaspersky product and needs quickly orientate.

    Actual result: Section About kaspersky is completely missing from version 20

    Expected Result: Added section About kaspersky

    System Settings

    Operating system: Win 10, x64

    System: i7 8700K, Z370, 16GB RAM, SSD

    Product: PLUS

    Product Version: 20.0.0.+

    Language: en-US

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