#4207 Discrete Widget toggle ON-OFF VPN

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    Hi, thank you for this superb piece of software!

    Though it is not strictly about the KFA, KAV, KIS or KTS, it is product related (VPN Secure Connection for some products).

    It would be of great use to see a small and discrete (preferrably non-white ;) widget for Windows 10 destop to toggle ON-OFF VPN as it is limited for free versions, and sometimes some built-in video in pages may consume all MB allowed for free versions...

    Please observe my suggestion is for personal users as in many countries these users cannot afford for a full-timed license in the world we live nowadays...

    Thank you for your attention!



    System Settings

    Operating system: All

    System: Average desktop

    Product: BASIC

    Product Version: 16.0.0.+

    Language: en-US

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