#4169 There are still problems with the display of fonts in some areas.

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    Reproduction steps:

    Pictures are placed on the network disk.

    Actual result:

    Fonts are not displayed properly.

    Expected Result:

    Fonts appear normal.

    System Settings

    Operating system: Win 11, x64

    System: Intel Core i7 10700k, Samsung 970 EVO Plus

    Product: PLUS

    Product Version:

    Language: zh-CN

    Product Logs: https://pan.huang1111.cn/s/mVLeS1

  • @huang1111, thank you for your detailed reply! I've send it to person who is in charge, As I understand, there are some legal issues with Yahei font. My colleagues will try to find a way to solve it.

    p.s. we are already have the bug in open state about fonts, so this one will be closed like duplicate. Our discussion may be continued in personal messages. 

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    @jarvis Hello, I have a detailed description of this problem. The error font here usually uses fonts that the system does not have in the Windows system, and then the system uses an internal default font to replace this unknown font. This phenomenon shows that Kaspersky's Chinese uses a font unknown to the system. I guess it should have been a text font in other languages here, but only the text has been replaced in the software for making the Chinese version. It is not considered that the font here does not contain Chinese text, resulting in this error. ( I suggest using Microsoft Yahei)

  • Hello! sorry for long reaction time. Please, specify, what do you mean "Fonts are not displayed properly." ? How should I explained it to colleagues?

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