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    A new beta build is available.

    You can download the distribution kit by the link:

    Kaspersky — Download   

    VPN — Download   

    KSOS — Download   


    To test the application, activate the license embedded in the distribution kit.

    You should only use the beta build with this license provided for testing.

    If you use your existing commercial license to activate the beta version of the application, the term of the license spent on the beta-testing will not be compensated. 


    There will be no auto-update to this build. It can be downloaded from forum only.

    Know issues:

    • "Not translated" should be fixed now, Please report any on sight! 
    • Alternative login options in MyKaspersky may work now, please do not report bugs on them.

    Useful info:

    • KES 11.9.0203 is not available for downloading. Serious issue was found in this particular build, that is already fixed in new builds,  
    • DRV  verifiers are turn off by default now. App - are ON! 
    • Kaspersky is presented in three tiers: Basic, Standard, Plus
    • To activate the trial beta key on the screen with a proposal to enter My Kaspersky, click "Skip"
  • No prob! If I get again that issues will collect and keep all the uninstallation logs 🙂

  • @harlan4096 said in Kaspersky\\VPN\\KSOS 21\.6\.2\.203:

    Update to this new MR6 build WAS A HELL PAIN!!!!!!

    This sounds like a serious problem. We test install/uninstall scenarios for our beta build before uploading them to forum.  If it happens again, please try to collect product traces and report a bug, we'll try to find and fix problem.

    Please accept our apologies for inconvenience.  

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    Check this: https://support.kaspersky.com/common/error/installation/11682

    Also check post #411:


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    A beta does not have to destroy your system necessarily 😁

    Apart from that, the current beta is quite stable here, no dumps so far... still waiting to be fixed the GUI issues reported before in MR5 😶😁

  • @harlan4096 Is that why it's called Beta?

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    Sorry to hear that. Sometimes are some builds very unique. In MR2 or 3, i had to use my image for restore the laptop.

    In my current case, i have no problems. (uninstall old and install new beta)

    And many (or all?) of the "not translated" are fixed. laughing

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    Update to this new MR6 build WAS A HELL PAIN!!!!!!

    Standard uninstaller of previous build got into an infinite loop of system reboot and again error and again reboot and bla bla bla... so after lots of system reboots and tries... I finally downloaded KAV REMOVER tool, ran it, restarted the system, and then manually removed remaining folders C:\Program Files (x86)\ Kaspersky\ and C:\ProgramData\Kaspersky\

    With folder C:\ProgramData\Kaspersky\ I had to use UnLocker tool, since it was still locked!!!!!! 🤢

    Also used tool Registrar Registry Manager to find ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL the "kaspersky" Windows registry entries and delete them all!! It found near 2000!!!!!

    So, alter all those tries, FINALLY I COULD INSTALL MANUALLY THIS NEW BETA BUILD with the installer! 🤢🤢🤢🤮🤮🤮

  • I can't start it after the first reboot. Kasperski Standard crashes with "Microsoft .Net Framework konnte nicht initialisieret werden. Versuchen Siem es neu zu installieren "  The system ist Windows 11 22000.527.


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