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    1.1 Actions below are strictly forbidden:

    a) trolling — messages which can be provoke of conflict, aggressive behavior, pain;

    b) bullying — aggressive behavior aimed to other members of forum;

    c) offensive — something indecent, shameless, reprehensible;

    d) boorishness — sharp, rude and offensive way of communication;

    e) filthy language — sharp words which offend of other members;

    f) spam — mass notifications with commercial, politics or any other kind of advertising;

    g) racism — aggressive behavior towards to races and religion confessions.

    1.2 Administration can remove you message and topic in case of violation, also you can receive warning message or temporary premoderation (passing of censore), block of posting messages, block of profile (ban).

    1.3 Administration monitor for compliation of the Rules of portal:

    a) moderators of section which has membership in "Moderators": @Caos, @Geraner, @Jowi, @xzz123, @Wesly.Zhang;

    b) curator of section which has membership in "Kaspersky Lab": @Ilya.Zadonsky, @Stepan.Korchagin et al.

    Any decision of administration should be executed even if not provided directly in these rules.

    1.4 Public discussion of administration and their actions strictly forbidden. Punishment – ban.

    If you have any conflict with other members of the portal, please contact with moderators (point 1.3-a and 1.3-b). If you do not agree with actions of someone from moderator, please contact to curator via personal message.

    1.5 If you think that topic was closed baselessly, please contact via function of complaints on content (button "Flag this post for moderation") or send personal message to one of moderators and show reason why we should reopen the topic.

    1.6 Members from administration are participants of discussions.

    1.7 Red color in messages can be used by administration only.


    2.1 Kindly ask do not create messages and topics such as: do not have relation to section, meaningless and useless (like "Hmm ... I do not know ...", "I'm not sure", "I did not check"), overly emotional, oversaturated with quotations and formatting. You can create these messages in topic of section "Discussion" — the territory of free discussion (please do not forget about point 1.1).

    2.2 Remember, portal — this is not chat, private discussion should be leaded via personal message (PM).

    2.3 Do not post messages which have "Padonkaff" slang (including simply illiterate messages). Users who do not have the spelling checker does not make him free from the obligation to write correctly in the language which was chosen in the portal. Respect other users!

    2.4 Please try to keep your signature maximally of informative, without "air" and meaningless phrases.


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