Kaspersky\VPN\KSOS MR6 is here!

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    I've found that in this 1st MR6 beta still there are these bugs that are also in previous MR5 RC:

    1.- TimeLine: Anti-Banner entries -> redirect to Reports System Audit section (and not to Reports Anti-Banner section).

    2.- TimeLine: File Anti-Virus events (malware detections) are not reflected.

    3.- Some GUI user customized settings (for example: in Quarantine, in Intrusion Prevention -> Manage Applications window) not saved, and reverted to defaults in every system start or application exit.

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    I'm getting dumps every time I run a signatures updates, should we upload bug reports to this section: https://eap.kaspersky.com/category/423/2021-mr5 ? no MR6 section available yet 🤔

  • @cortoye, I see. Let me explain, MR# doesn't equals "release of new app version", it is like "sprint" in agile - time to achieve some goals. If you look back, you will see, that Kaspersky released 1 new version in a year. In 2021 there was two MR's, but they were parts of developing one new version.  Also, end of beta testing doesn't mean "instant release". We always had a gap before release. 

    I understand that you may feel that things are not going well. But everything is OK. Kaspersky didn't plan to release something at end MR4 (except KES, cause it didn't changed to much). Plan was "to release after MR5" and everything is going according to plan. 

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    I just installed this new MR6 beta over the last MR5 RC, and it worked fine... at first glance I haven't seen any new features except some minor visual changes.

  • Kaspersky has abandoned several MR4 projects, MR5 without providing the final version.Is not this to your opinion?Many users have participated in these projects to test your program. But these projects have not reached a result.

  • Hello...

    Can any one answer my question, Where is MR4 and MR5?

    Why they are ended as beta version?

    its confusing me.

  • @cortoye said in Kaspersky\\VPN\\KSOS 21\.6\.0\.125\. MR6 is here\!:

    Is version failed?

    Hello! What do you mean?  MR6 is a new branch for new features

  • Is version failed?


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