The concept of a new portal

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    Dear visitor

    Problems which were solved by new portal for beta testing and how this portal to simplify communication between beta tester and KL Team you can find below.

    It is need to discuss issues for understanding which of them the portal is solve. Let’s see to life cycle of issue in case of 2019 season.

    1. Beta-tester found a issue.
    2. Description of issue is posted on the forum.
    3. Moderator, as person with great experience, provide first analysis of issue and pass a verdict. 

                       1.  Moderator is accept issue: if described issue is a bug and not a duplicate, and if all information is provided.

                                    a) In case if Moderator received not full information, he can request additional info, such as: describe issue fully, provide additional logs e.t.c.

                       2. Moderator is reject issue: if described issue is not a bug or a duplicate.

           4. Moderator posts a issue in external bug-tracker after providing all info by beta-tester.

           5. KL Team trace to received issues in external bug-tracker and react to new issues.

           6. KL Team post a issue in internal bug-tracker after viewing information about issue.

    Life cycle of issue is follow: Find > Forum > extBugTracker > inBugTracker. One more important thing, external bug-tracker synchronizes with internal bug-tracker in automatically, so users can get information about status of issue which was posted by them. This scheme has problem, beta-testers need use two services: Forum for bug posting and external bug-tracker for tracing them.

    New portal solves problem of two services by creating single solution for bugs posting and tracing. Format of the forum fits well to the conception of beta-testing, when we created new portal, we followed of old traditions, but with purpose of improvement of beta-testing.

    Several categories which were created for description of issue, are trackers – when you posted issue in such categories, you posted issue in external bug-tracker, this action give us possibility to assign status and unique ID to you message. Let’s see life cycle of a issue in new portal.

    1. Beta-tester found bug.
    2. Description of issue was posted on the portal.
      1. Portal posts issue in external bug-tracker and assign him status which synchronized in portal.

           3. Moderator can request information regarding described issue, accept or reject issue and history is saved in one place.

        1. If moderator requests additional information regarding issue, in this case status of issue is assigned to “Need more info”, as result user receives notification that his issue was processed. In future, issue is changed status to “Information provided” automatically after user answered on previous message, this action shows to moderator that he can continue work with this issue.
        2. If moderator is satisfied by description of issue, he accepted issue and change status to “In progress”. This action shows that issue passed moderation and this issue should be regarded as bug.
        3. Moderator can reject issue and change status to “Rejected”, these issues will not viewing by KL Team.

             4. Issue is posted in internal bug-tracker after passed premoderation.

      As result life cycle is: Find > Portal > inBugTracker. So you do not need to know how to work external bug-tracker, because all information about a issue is viewing on portal in automatically mode. What am I mean? I mean that when status of issue changes to “Accepted”, we receive automatically communication with external bug-tracker which synchronize with internal bug-tracker. This level of transparency allows you to see what happens to the problem on the forum without using the second tool

      And about Jarwis, he is our bot which helps us to synchronize work of portal and external bug-tracker. If you will see that your issue was commented by him, it is mean that really he handed over you words of KL Team from external bug-tracker.

      If you have any questions feel free and ask.

    1. Plans for the portal:

      • Create pages with information about testing.
      • Restore mailings about new versions by mail.
      • Improvement and correction of portal errors.
      • Making changes to the design of the portal.
      • Moving to the subdomain
      • Integration with

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