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    A new beta build is available.

    You can download the distribution kit by the link:

    Kaspersky — Download   

    VPN — Download   

    KSOS — Download   


    To test the application, activate the license embedded in the distribution kit.

    You should only use the beta build with this license provided for testing.

    If you use your existing commercial license to activate the beta version of the application, the term of the license spent on the beta-testing will not be compensated. 


    There will be no auto-update to this build. It can be downloaded from forum only.


    Useful info:

    • DRV and App verifiers are turn off by default now. 
    • Kaspersky is presented in three tiers: Basic, Standard, Plus
    • To activate the trial beta key on the screen with a proposal to enter My Kaspersky, click "Skip"
  • It's working fine here, go inside one of the folders and select one of the different exe languages' installer...

  • Hello.I have downloaded KSOS21.5.11.367 and KSDE21.5.11.367 without any problem. But when wanting to download Kaspersky: https://box.kaspersky.com/d/e1ddc6cd20a442fd8a04/. If I want to download one or all the versions (Basic, Plus, Standard) a window opens indicating "size to large".How can I download it?Thank you.Kaspersky

  • Thanks! :) Happy New Year everyone!

  • @harlan4096, it was my mistake. last build wasn't RC 

    BTW, RC is a build type with  release-like settings. some times it means "we are ready for release", and some times it's build to test performance =)

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    I've found something interesting related to TimeLine logging: threats detected by FileAV module (and not by on demand scans tasks) are not reflected in TimeLine 🤷‍♂️

    Just put 3 jar malware samples (already detected by K.) in my Desktop, K. Plus detected and removed the 3 of them automatically, but this is not reflected in TimeLine, why????

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    Already installed this new beta over the previous RC and went fine, but the correct numeration is (not .10.367) :)

    And still 2 of my lasts 3 GUI issues reported recently are there... I'll be patient 😁

    In fact, during installing a new one appeared:

  • We were in RC status and back to Beta? 🤔


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