Speeds in InterNet connections + Kaspersky

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    Hi guys, some thoughts about speed connections + Kaspersky:

    My ISP finally upgraded my fiber connection from 100 Mbits to 300 Mbits (for free!)

    Until now with Kaspersky products, usually I use KTS, I did not have any issues getting the full speed, getting direct downloads around 10 MBytes/s (even with some peaks of 11 MBytes/s for some seconds), even in sites speed tests...

    But now with 300MBits new speed... things changed! I have been performing some tests: directs downloads and speed sites tests, if Kaspersky Plus MR5 beta (current installed, also reproducible in stable builds) is enabled, the speed at most, gets around 150 Mbits/s~160 Mbits/s, if I pause protection and exit KPlus, then I got the full speed.

    The only way to get the full speed with KPlus enabled is using in my FireFox a combination of:

    • Free Download Manager applications installed
    • Free Download Manager add-on for FF

    Conclusion: a multithreaded download manager should be used in general in direct downloads to get the full speeds if InterNet speeds goes upper of around 100 Mbits ~ 150Mbits.

    What do you think? Can You post Your tests here?

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    gets around 150 Mbits/s~160 Mbits/s,

    Hello! Sorry for long reaction time. I've missed notification. ((

    If it still can be reproduced, can you please report a bug? 

    ETW traces will be needed too.

    How to collect ETW:

     1) in CMD with admin rights

    run command

    wpr -start GeneralProfile.Light -filemode -start CPU -filemode -start FileIO.Light -filemode

    2) reproduce problem

    3) run command

    wpr -stop trace.etl (file name and path can be changed) 

    4) wait for file being written and attach it to other traces 

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    There We go, done!


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