What's new

    1. Enhanced Kaspersky Endpoint Security capabilities for servers. Added support for the Web Threat Protection, Mail Threat Protection, Web Control and Device Control components for computers running the Windows Server operating system. Now you can use Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Windows instead of Kaspersky Security for Windows Server on company’s servers and clusters.

    2. Improved interface of the Network Monitor component. In addition to TCP and UDP protocols, Network Monitor can now display ICMP, IGMP, GRE and ICMPv6 protocols.

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    thank you very much for enhancing protection capabilities for servers. It is really important in such scenarios where Windows Server is used as a workstation or Terminal Server for remote users - as I wrote here.

    Please keep in mind, that at this moment the following components are still not available under Windows Server installation:

    1. Advanced Threat Protection -> Host Intrusion Prevention
    2. Security Controls -> Adaptive Anomaly Control
    3. Data Encryption -> File Level Encryption
    4. Data Encryption -> Full Disk Encryption



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