#3732 Kaspersky Certificate not being installed, but not reproducible now

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    Reproduction steps: Unfortunately I cannot reproduce this now, but likely it was a combination of me installing/uninstalling various antivirus solutions (including KSOS beta). That being said, with all the other AV software (including KIS) nothing like this happened yet.

    Actual result: Kaspersky's Certificate not installed. And the KES GUI overview shows various components not being active (those small green/gray LEDs that instead say on/off in KIS), but going into their respective settings then shows them as enabled.

    Expected Result: Certificate being installed and GUI overview of settings on/off state matching each specific setting.

    Before doing all the AV test installations/uninstalls I created a Windows Restore point to which I returned. Installing KES from that Restore point works as expected. So this is more of a "for your information" post, since I cannot replicate it now and all logs are gone already.

    System Settings

    Operating system: Win 10, x64

    System: 5900X, MSI X570, 16 gb, M.2 SSD

    Product: KES

    Product Version:

    Language: en-US

  • Still a bit strange, because from my last installations I remember being asked about the license during the installation process. So I wonder how I could have started KES without activating the license?

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    I think I found the course, because I just had the same situation of the certificate not being installed and several components being inactive. This time the license was not activated, so it may have been the same last time. Once I activated the (trial) license the certificate was installed and everything seems back to normal.

    So from my side you can close the report.

  • No problem. I will give this a few tries by installing/uninstalling various AV solutions and report back. It took me some time to realize that the missing certificate is the cause of various functions not working properly. Once I noticed I unfortunately looked for a resolve and thus removed the evidence. I suspect that this will not happen regularly - if at all- on (other) production systems that don't overdo the testing. Still good for you to know that it is something that may happen.

  • @timur-born, hello! And welcome on board! 

    Thank you  for your willingness to help us make product better!

    Unfortunately, we need traces for all reports (except may be obvious GUI issues). That's the only way for developers to analyze core/cause of the problem.  

    I have to change status of your report to "need more info". and we will wait till you will reproduce it with traces on, and will attach them to your report. Or you can say "I cannot produce it anymore" and we'll close your report.

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