#3731 High CPU load for Tasks and Reports during scan

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    Reproduction steps: Run a scan, open Tasks/Reports, maximize window on high resolution screen (2560x1600 px at 115% here).

    Actual result: Output is not GPU accelerated, high CPU load with one thread/core being maxed out, high lag for input commands (mouse, keyboard)

    Expected Result: Low CPU load, smooth operation

    Animated GIF: Reports CPU load + lag (4.16% = 1 out of 24 logical cores maxed out)

    Animated GIF: CPU load Report during scan

    Tasks CPU load (4.16% = 1 out of 24 logical cores maxed out)

    Tasks CPU load during scan

    System Settings

    Operating system: Win 10, x64

    System: 5900X, MSI X570, 16 gb, M.2 SSD

    Product: KES

    Product Version:

    Language: en-US

  • @timur-bornYour traces any way will be usefull

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    Additionally to my AMD 5900X system I reproduced this very easily on two more Windows computers with different hardware and software setups, a bootcamped Macbook Pro (W10 21H1) and 9900K desktop (W10 20H2), both using Intel GPUs. Installed KES, started a full scan via Tasks and maximized the Tasks window. The larger the window the higher the load, so it likely is desktop resolution dependent (2560x1600 max on all my computers).

    Intel 9900K desktop:

    Apple MacBook Pro 13" (2018), i5 2,3 GHz:

    So instead of using xperf traces you may want to try to reproduce this on your side again, because that's likely better for analysis.

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    @timur-bornHi. We can't reproduce problem on our side. It can depend of OS settings or hardware configuration. Can you send traces to us for issue investigation? 

  • I understand. Did you try to reproduce the behavior on your computers already? Could you not reproduce it on your hardware then?

    Main problem seems to be that UI dialogs that show scan progress, aka Tasks and the Reports "Scan" tab, cause high CPU load while updating the progress information while a scan is active.

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    We need product traces & xperf traces, that can help to our developers to understand situation. GSI will helpful, but not mandatory at this moment. I can't say what part of traces is needed for developers, because we need to find where is the problem first.

  • @Dmitriy, which part of the GSI and traces do you need exactly? I do not like having to share everything about my computer to report issues.

    I tested 658 and the CPU load is still high when the Tasks/Reports windows are maximized. Desktop Windows Manager also shows increased GPU load then, albeit still low by my NVidia RTX 2700 Super's standards (clocks remain at idle frequencies). GPU load is higher than scrolling this forum thread in Firefox, though.

  • Hello! 

    Can you please reproduce it on new build ? 

    we will need: 

     - GSI (https://support.kaspersky.com/common/diagnostics/3632)

    - product traces

    - xperf traces (archive, guide

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