New beta build - Kaspersky

  • Hello!


    A new beta build is available - Kaspersky

    You can download the distribution kit by the link:

    Download   (password Qn:c(}1uag?>]X@n)

    Dear test participants! Due to potential legal risks we have decided to move the thread with this testing to a private forum topic for registered users only. For further testing, access to builds will only be provided in the private section, and we will accept posts about found issues in closed topics as well. We would appreciate not distributing the builds and screenshots in public forum threads and on third-party Internet resources. 

    To test the application, activate the license embedded in the distribution kit.

    You should only use the beta build with this license provided for testing.

    If you use your existing commercial license to activate the beta version of the application, the term of the license spent on the beta-testing will not be compensated. 


    Useful info:

    • The solution is presented in three tiers: Basic, Standard, Plus
    • To activate the trial beta key on the screen with a proposal to enter My Kaspersky, click "Skip"
    • The solution is activated by the trial key only once, do not delete the trial key during the testing! 
  • I would say Plus is a mix of KTS + KSCloud (paid) :)

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    So plus is the new Total Security?

    Standard internet security?

    Basic is antivirus?

    I wish kaspersky would make all modules independent during installation. I mean, I don't want VPN... I don't need parental settings... ETC.


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