What's new

    1. Windows Server 2022 и Windows 11 are now supported.
    2. Virus Scan:
      • The default settings of the virus scan task have been changed. The program now runs a scan by default while the computer is idle.
      • The performance of the Virus Scan task has been improved. If you restart your computer during a scan, Kaspersky Endpoint Security will pick up where it left off.
      • Background scan performance has been optimized for servers.
    3. Firewall:
      • We have added the possibility to set an IP address range for Firewall packet rules. You can set an IPv4 or IPv6 address range, for instance, or 12:34::2-12:34::99.
      • You can now specify DNS names for Firewall packet rules instead of IP addresses. Use DNS names for computers on the local network or internal services only. The Web Control component is designed for cloud services, e.g., Microsoft Azure, and other online services.
    4. Web Control rule search has been improved. You can, in addition to a rule name, now use a URL or mask, user name, content category, or data type when searching for website access rules.
    5. BitLocker management:
    6. BadUSB Attack Prevention:
      • The default settings of BadUSB Attack Prevention have been updated. The use of an on-screen keyboard by default for authorization of USB devices is now allowed.
      • We have added the possibility to set up a maximum number of keyboard authorization attempts for BadUSB Attack Prevention. The USB device will be blocked for a while after a specified number of unsuccessful attempts to enter the authorization code.
    7. User interface:
      • The user interface has been completely refreshed.
      • A possibility to hide the Monitoring section in the main application window via policy settings added.

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