#3407 The text was incorrect when creating the network rule.

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    Reproduction steps:

    as the picture shows

    Подробные шаги для Дмитрия (by r3L4x):

    Главное окно

    Больше функций

    Моя сеть

    Мониторинг сети

    ПКМ на программе

    Создать сетевое правило

    Actual result:



    Expected Result:



    System Settings

    Operating system: Win 10, x64

    System: Intel Core i7 10700k, Samsung 970 EVO Plus

    Product: KIS

    Product Version:

    Language: zh-CN

    Product Logs: https://pan.huang1111.cn/s/WKDt3

  • Hello!

    as the picture shows

    This is really hard to understand in case of screenshot with chinese language. Please post detailed steps (on english) instead of screenshot next time. wink

  • @r3l4x

    you're right.

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