This is a virus sample package provided to testers.


    Decompression password: infected

    Hello, everyone, I saw that some testers said that they needed a sample package to test the program’s virus handling problems. I provided a sample package. This sample package comes from VirusShare and the size of the sample package is 42.2GB.

    When testing other antivirus software, I saw that some people found that some antivirus software had crashed after processing a large number of virus samples. You can test the entire sample package or only a part of the samples, depending on your computer configuration.

    This sample package was launched in 2019. In principle, Kaspersky virus database, active defense, and heuristic analysis have all been covered, but I still recommend that you do not double-click any sample, because the update source of the Beta program is different from the official version of the program, and some BUG may cause the failure of the protection component, so I recommend using it only as a virus scan. If you want to double-click the virus sample, please do it in a virtual machine environment.

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