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    Good news~~

    But I found if there is anything I want to say about the patch, I mean, not every reply under that topic should be a bug report

    the reply will still be cosidered a bug report and will be tranferred to the internal tracking system.

    Can you give us a chance to post general discuss under the topic?  Add a button 'POST A DISCUSSION' beside the 'REPORT A PROBLEM' would be better. Because in the future when 2020 come out, there will be lots of None-bug report reply. A reply from POST A DISCUSSION will not be record in the tracking system.


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    Like this:

  • @ilya-zadonsky

    I got this when open that page

    /topic/3/suggestions-for-the-portal/topic/74/patch-i-for-kavkisktskfa-2018 Not Found
    You seem to have stumbled upon a page that does not exist. Return to the home page.
  • It is ok now

  • @xzz123

    Yeah, it is better now.

    We can use this kind of topic to express general feelings and thoughs.

    KL also can give reply to some

    Let's see what else can be done to make this website better.


  • @xzz123


  • Hello

    I think the spoiler function is very much needed......

    Or it is better to hide pictures like this:


    The website won't directly show the picture since the link this laughinglaughinglaughingObfuscatedtongue-outtongue-outtongue-out.

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