• @nexon, hello! We don't create change logs for beta builds, оnly for patches.  Besides, beta-testing is exploration testing, isn't it? If something changes dramatically, or requires your special attention - we will mention it in post 

  • Just got the auto update to this new build and went fine :)

  • @harlan4096 hello! Main product and KSDE ? 

  • Yes! both in auto update :)

  • @harlan4096 can you remember what build you had befor update ? (last beta from forum)?

  • I had stable Patch b beta, but I uninstalled completelly, and then installed new MR3 beta yesterday and today got in auto update...

  • I'm getting a bit crazy! today I just got a new request to auto update and the version again is undecided

  • Most of the problems have been inherited, which may make our subsequent testing very difficult, because we do not know which bugs have been reported, which bugs have not been reported, I hope you can provide update logs for each minor version, And publish some bugs that are waiting to be fixed in the queue, which can facilitate everyone's testing and save you time in checking repeated reports.

  • Getting error since yesterday during Update: Failed

    Event : Task cannot be performed

    Event : Error verifying application databases and modulesResult : ErrorError : Update files are corrupted

  • @harlan4096 hello! update bases was broken. should be ok now

  • Yes, sorry, I forgot to mention that I recover updates working fine since yesterday! thanks!!!!

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    you can only complete so many changes in those builds in short time than move to another MR also keep maintains  previous MR,

    If your team are all superman. you even have no time to fix old bugs.

    I do not consider this method of program development a correct one.


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