21.2 is signed! Testing ends.

  • Hello!

    The release is signed and testing of this version is completed. Thank you so much for your participation! 

  • For now I've found 2 bugs in the new final version:

    1.- Exclusions in Application Control rules for any application: Setting -> Do not scan all traffic and saving it always when re visit the rule is set to Do not scan encrypted traffic

    2.- In Application Control settings I can't find: Delete rules for applications that have not been started for longer than, but it was there in my RC version until I installed the new final version yesterday, also "this new" (recovered from the past versions) feature appears in What's New info in online Help, but not in the final product? so why? bug?

  • Congrats to all. cool

  • congratulations! Cheer cool

  • Great, congrats! laughing


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