Have you meet typing problems in browser ?

  • Good afternoon!

    Has someone encountered such a situation: you print text in the browser, but the symbols do not appear immediately, they appear later whole piece at once?

    Maybe you had other similar problems with freezing when entering text in browsers.

  • @dmitriy-pisarets said in Have you meet typing problems in browser ?:

    @huang1111 thx. Can you reproduce it on new build?

    Hello, after my test, this problem no longer recurs in the new build.

  • @huang1111 thx. Can you reproduce it on new build?

  • Hello there! I have discovered this problem from MR0 and submitted it to you through technical support in MR1, but you have not resolved this problem. Two conditions are required to trigger this problem. The first condition is that the browser must install the Kaspersky extension. The second condition is that the password must be entered in the second or later new tab page. Then you will find that you cannot enter any text in the input area of other non-browser, and can only enter the text on the keyboard in the input area of the browser, and cannot use the input method to input. The solution to the problem is to close the extension or close the browser. I have provided trace and GSI, but they don’t seem to work. I will ask technical support for the relevant id to provide you with analysis. In addition, I cannot reproduce this problem in a virtual machine, but in a physical machine, this problem can be reproduced.

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