#2805 KES GUI freezes during settings change

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    VMWare Worktation 15 Player:

    Windows 10 Pro 2004



    Reproduction steps:

    sometimes when i changed settings, file threat protection and device control in my case the gui can freeze. I had two cases where the gui froze and i could kill the process because it wasnt responding.

    Actual result:

    GUI froze setting changes where saved

    Expected Result:

    setting changes where saved

    second traces example: https://cloud.qainfo.ru/s/HbrA6NkrnJfdYFH

    System Settings

    Operating system: Win 10, x64

    System: Intel Core i10 10900K @ 3.7GHZ, 32,0GB RAM, NVIDIA Geforce RTX 2080 TI 11GB, M.2 1TB

    Product: KES

    Language: de-DE

    Product Logs: https://cloud.qainfo.ru/s/tTd0wpMKZZgHo0V

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  • developers said, it's already fixed

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