• Support limitations for full disk encryption and a list of devices for which hard disk encryption is supported with limitations are listed in the article:

    Before using Kaspersky full disk encryption, we recommend checking compatibility using the FDE Test Utility, which is designed to:

    • Check the computer’s compatibility with Kaspersky Endpoint Security 11 for Windows full disk encryption.
    • Collect extended diagnostic information if full disk encryption fails to start due to detected incompatibilities.


    To check if your computer is compatible with 11.5 beta full disk encryption, use the utility version < link to download the utility. Currently you can get it here : \\\global\Builds2\Components\FDE_PDK\pdk\builds\precheck\FdePDK-KES11.5.x-precheck\\distrib\FDE\fde_precheck\Release >

    You can find detailed information about how the utility works and how to use it here:

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