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    - When installing KES 11.5 beta using the installation package in Kaspersky Security Center, you must increase the maximum allowable value for the custom installation package. You can perform this action using one of two methods:

    1. Assign a maximum value of 500000000 as per the directions on the page
    2. Use the reg file <link to file to download>. You need to first apply the reg file with administrator privileges on a computer with KSC installed, and then restart the computer.

    - The local interface does not allow you to create and delete Application Control rules based on file parameters, or to enable dll control (these functions may only be managed through the KSC console).

    - The Device Control component does not support specifying trusted devices.

    - If you import a list of exceptions for adaptive anomaly control in an incorrect format, an error will occur that will make the product inoperable.

    The remaining restrictions are similar to the list provided in the article:

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