#2618 Blurry icon on high DPI scaled display

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    Reproduction steps:

    Use high DPI scaled display with 2021 MR2 (these blurry icons actually exist in 2021 MR1, 2020 etc.)

    Actual result:

    Some icons are blurry, attached screenshots on a computer with 200% scaling

    The right click context menu kaspersky icon is significantly smaller than others

    Windows taskbar notification area, Kasparsky Secure Connection icon is blurry while Kasparsky icon looks crystal clear

    The Kaspersky URL checker logo is blurry (for example the one appear next to each of your google search result)

    Kaspersky logo in secure keyboard input is blurry

    Expected Result:

    High resolution icons

    System Settings

    Operating system: All

    System: i7-7700K, H170M, 16GB, SSD

    Product: KIS

    Product Version:

    Language: en-US

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